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Latex Balloons
Frankie & Co

Latex Balloons

In-Store Only

From 5"-36" latex balloons, in the shop we carry a wide range of colours in various sizes.

Call or email us if you wanted to order a custom balloon bunch for your next celebration.

Prices start at:

30 cents and can go up to $9 for air filled.

Helium start at $2.25/balloon.

Colours :

Pastel Purple, Dark Purple, Green, Lime Green, Mint, Turquoise Green, Forest Green, Orange, Black, Pearl Black, Metallic Black, Grey, Metallic Silver, Gold, Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Robins Egg Blue, Turquoise Blue, Midnight Blue, Pearl Blue, Yellow, Chiffon Yellow, Red, Wild Berry, Fuchsia, Pale Pink, Pearl Pink, Blush, Nude, White, Pearl White, Ivory, Clear, Marble, Stars, Happy Birthday, Polka Dot, Confetti, Congrats, Unicorns, Animals, Seasonal.

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