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Sunny Days

The sun is out and everyone seems to be a little bit happier, friendlier and ready to party ! You can't help but turn up the music ( right now in the shop I'm listening to a playlist called Los Grandes de Columbia and it makes you want to dance). We've had several customers comment that they love whats playing and who the artist is. Latin music for the win! When I think of sunny days I think of Birthdays outside on the beach, park, backyard with jumbo balloons with streamers blowing in the cool breeze. How awesome are those who...

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Up Up & Away

When we were looking for a new space we knew we wanted to sell balloons. Not only do balloons make you happy but there is so much you can do with them. Inspiration came from Australia for our Balloon Bar and all the fun creations we want to put together. The balloon garland is a fun and colourful decor piece that can be customized to any colour theme. The installations can last for a few weeks as the majority of the balloons are air filled which makes them perfect for a window display or store opening. But small celebrations like Birthdays or...

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