Grab and Go Garlands

Grab & Go Balloon Garlands

These are made using 5" - 18" air-filled latex balloons. Any jumbo, confetti, and foil balloons are an additional cost, as well as any custom colors.

4 Foot - $55

4ft Balloon Garland

6 Foot - $80

6ft Balloon Garland

8 Foot - $100

8 Ft Balloon Garland

10 Foot - $130

 10ft Balloon Garland


Made to order grab & go balloon garlands. Our balloon garlands are the perfect addition to any celebration. And since they are air filled they can last anywhere from a week to a few months. We can make them in any length but our most popular sizes are;

 Jumbo balloons, confetti or foil balloons are an additional cost per balloon.

* stock colours are used and if any custom colours are needed then an additional cost would be added on.

It is best to order at least a week in advance but we can usually accommodate a few days short notice.

Balloon fact: Our latex balloons are 100% bio degradable and decompose at the same rate as an oak leaf. Please dispose of them responsibly and put them in the garbage not the compost. We can make them using no fishing line but this has to be requested upon ordering.