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Bespoke Balloon Installations

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to create a bespoke balloon garland for an event at The Vancouver Club downtown. The theme was nautical which meant we needed to use shades of blue and white for this install. Any time we get a call or email from a client for an event we take there ideas, add some of ours and with a little online inspiration, POW! balloon magic happens and the outcome is something so organic that no two installations are ever the same. We loved being able to do another ombre balloon garland as there are so many shades of each colour in latex balloons, we could have continued it but for this event we wanted it classy yet fun and whimsical. 

We can't wait to create another bespoke balloon garland for The Vancouver Club. The space itself is so beautiful and magical that balloons just make sense and add that extra bit of some kind of wonderful to the space~

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